The Concept…

Our concept is simple. If you are starting a new business venture for the first time, or you’re a business that is up to 3 years old and need support we might be able to help. We’d also like to refer you to our local partners who are able to provide specialist support in their area of expertise local to your new venture.

The platform is a free resource to all new business ventures that are less than 3 years old, you can access the details of businesses local to you that are interested in providing their goods and services to your new business venture.

What’s in it for the businesses on the platform?

Businesses that join our platform pay an annual subscription for membership. This gives them access to all of the new business venture subscribers that we have registered. We source, on a monthly basis, all of the latest new businesses that have been registered in the UK, which gives our members the opportunity to have there goods and services put in front of companies that have a need as a new business venture in their local area.

How do you put my business in-front of these new business ventures?

We gather together the contact details of new business ventures that have been registered monthly using a number of different resources. We then contact these businesses and go through a Fact Find identifying areas of need, and any support wanted to grow the business. Following this fact find, we refer – where appropriate – to you for further discussion and support. 

We supply you with the company registrations in the previous month along with name and address, we’ll also give you contact details such as web address, email and phone number. We’ll tell you who we’ve spoken to and of any needs they have in your field of expertise.

We speak with these new business ventures and offer them a free membership to our site. We can then promote your goods and services to them via email, and over the telephone. 

We also offer further opportunities to be seen through our national referral plans that can be discussed with one of our advisers on 01691 700247

Do you guarantee your members business from joining your platform?

We guarantee to our members that we will provide them details of all of the new business ventures registered in their local area on a monthly basis. We also guarantee to provide them with the details of the businesses that we have exposed them to via our telephone and email campaigns on a monthly basis. This means that if we speak with a business that has a need and we have a member that can potentially resolve that need we will put the two organisations in touch.

But can you guarantee clients for your members?

We would love to be able to guarantee clients for our members. Unfortunately we are not in control of how they represent there goods and services after we’ve made a referral. We can open the door, we can’t do the job as well. We are confident that by guaranteeing the information that we provide, speaking with our subscribers and marketing the goods and services of our members to our subscribers on a regular basis you as a member will gain new clients. If we don’t provide you with details of the new business ventures in your area on a monthly basis, and the ones that are our subscribers, and we don’t complete our marketing to these businesses on a monthly basis we’ll give you your money back at the end of your subscription.