Who we are..

As a company we work closely with new business ventures throughout the UK linking them with other organisations who can provide support and expertise in all areas of business management including marketing, IT support, legal advice, and funding options such as commercial loans, invoice finance, commercial mortgages, asset finance and vehicle leasing.

What we do…

We are a free advice and support platform for new business ventures in the UK. We work with a panel of referral partners who are able to arrange funding through various different types and styles. As part of our fact finding process we identify areas within your business where additional support may be required and then refer you to our members who will be able to help you address these items. This may be a more comprehensive telecom’s system, or better accountancy advice, legal support for employment matters, or aid with your marketing, advertising and branding.

Why we do it…

Starting a new business venture is hard work. Having a resource base of companies that are interested in and keen to talk about your business requirements all in one place will help your opportunity grow. All ventures have a need for certain services, we simply put those services into an easily usable format, and at the same time give our providers local to you your details so they can get in contact and discuss these goods and services with you.

Whats the catch?

No catch. If you’re looking for support, funding or financing for your business, register with us. One of our business mentors will give you a call and complete a new business venture fact find. We’ll discuss a number of different areas with you relating to your  business, including strengths, weakness, needs and wants. At the same time we will register your business for free as a subscriber so that we can keep in contact. If we identify areas where our members are able to help we will refer you to them. No charge. Our members pay an annual subscription for us to do what we so we can be free for the new business venture’s we speak to.

I’m a new business venture, can I join as a member?

Yes of course, we’re always happy to bring on-board new members that are interested and keen to work with the local business community. Call us on 01691 700247 to arrange your annual membership.